Vladimir Bresnix

BresnixCast #46 - Pjusk




Vlad talks to Jostein and Rune from ambient duo Pjusk about their remote cabin in the woods, the development of their music, the new EP "Sakne Verda", the "Shibuya" EP, the importance & benefits of collaboration, Japan, the modular synth question, E.P Vs. album releases, the modern music industry and there's even a bit of history thrown in at the end.







BresnixCast #45 Rare Form/Wishful Thinking AR




Vlad talks to Ryan & Thyme from Rare Form & Wishful Thinking Art & Recordings about their upcoming tour, the new album "Improvisations", unique recording styles, improvisation, the DIY ethic, underground music strategies for the future and much more.







BresnixCast 44 Last Days Here Bobby Liebling & Pentagram






Vlad looks at the life of Bobby Liebling lead singer of hard rock band Pentagram through the lens of the documentary "Last Days Here", we explore primal forces behind artistic drives, imposter syndrome, Phil Anselmo, the chaos that follows Bobby around and ask does a life of underachievement affect you mentally?


Pentagram Website  



BresnixCast 43 Sammy Elmi




Vlad talks to folk/rock & electronic musician Sammy Elmi about his musical evolution, classically trained vs. self taught musicians, non traditional ways to approach music, Sammy's podcast, storytelling, music as capturing a moment in time and much more.




BresnixCast #42 John Lennon Was Wrong



Verse by verse Vlad analyses John Lennon's "Imagine" and asks would John's utopian vision be realistic? Or what does he even mean?






BresnixCast #41 Crosby Morgan

BresnixCast #40 Brent, Anvil & the Midlife Crisis




  Vlad explores the films David Brent: Life on the Road (2016) and Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008) and looks at the similar themes and unconscious drives that move people to chase fame & fortune all their lives, talent vs. ambition, Spinal Tap parallels, also advancing a conspiracy theory & asks when is it time to quit?







BresnixCast # 39 - Peter Beswick



Vlad talks to Peter Beswick from Cult of Osiris Records about his previous label (Old Lion Records), cassette culture, Satanism, Anton LaVey, tribalism & musical cliques.
We also take a deep dive into black metal the music industry and more.

Intro Song: Uten Håp - "Anima"
Outro Song: Bitter Lake - "Frozen Landscapes"




BresnixCast #38 Kill Your Friends

Album Out Now!


My first album is out now on all your favourite digital formats!  

Described as “Arab Strap doing industrial noise” it's an account of a millennial having an early midlife crisis in a world that is no longer run on common sense, where facts are denied and speech is stifled. Seeking death as a way out our protagonist is horrified when he realizes that death is not the end he hoped for and not only will he be forced to live this life over and over again as different people, but he has been doing that for eternity. He finally understands that he is unable to break the cycle because no matter what he does he cannot let go of himself.

The songs infuse elements of noise, drone, industrial, ambient rock and spoken word to create a dark, fragile sound.

Check out the music page for more info!


BresnixCast #37 Klaus Morlock



Klaus Morlock returns for a 2 hour show for a free flowing discussion that covers many topics including horror movies, particularly the Witch (2015) and A Dark Song (2016). We get into the occult references in the films and what the reality of occultism is (which leads us to Vlad's journey into the occult). We also get into Aldous Huxley, social media and it's lasting effects on people, Kenneth Anger, Klaus' invitation to Bohemian Grove, the satanic panic and we finish off by having some fun with conspiracy theories and pretty much destroy the flat earth theory.
This was a great show and definitely not one to miss!




BresnixCast #36 Bodies On Everest



Vlad talks to Sean and Stephen from Bass/Drum/Bass noise rock trio Bodies on Everest about having no guitars, the "National Day of
Mourning" album, Royal Blood, Greenboots & actual Everest disasters, the Royal Bastard Power Swimming Orchestra, Dungeon Wave, subgenre trolling, Witch House, the Housemartin's dark secrets, the dark side of nostalgia & more.





BresnixCast #35 Dave Schoepke




Vlad chats to Dave Schoepke, percussionist and curator of Blank Radio about improvised music, musical experimentation in real life, community, the Birthday Music album, the dark side of jazz, The Violent Femmes, The Reindeer Section and the big question "Why record at all?"







BresnixCast #34 James Burnette




In a fun episode Vlad talks to James Sicone Burnette from SurvivalPunk.com about James' common sense approach to survivalism, Flogging Molly, conspiracy theory, Rancid, punk music in general, Marilyn Manson, the state of modern mainstream film, TV, culture and so much more.





BresnixCast #33 Burn The Place You Hide - St Thomas & What He Showed Me

BresnixCast #32 Lee Noble



In a change of pace from all the metal shows Vlad talks to experimental ambient producer Lee Noble about the experimental spirit with which he approaches his music, the gear that made us to the gear we love now, the hardware vs. software debate, modular synths, home recording, the Ashenden album, the importance of artwork, No Kings Record cadre, cassette culture, minidiscs, Lee's approach to playing live and much more.




BresnixCast #31 'Nobody Bands'



I ran into someone who asked if I only had 'nobody bands' on my show, this was my response. 






BresnixCast #30 Thoughts on Black Metal Week



In a short show Vlad discusses Black Metal week and not only where the genre has been but where it's headed in the future and why something so extreme means so much to so many people and will continue to.



BresnixCast #29 Arthedain



In the last interview of Black Metal Week Vlad chats to Charles Wolford from Arthedain about moving from a one man black metal project to a full band, the use of symbolism in the bands artwork, home vs. studio recording, differences between the US and European attitudes towards black metal. We also get into the Taake controversy and black metal in Germany and the Czech Republic.






BresnixCast #28 Abandoned By Light


As we draw closer to the end of Black Metal Week Vlad has a relaxed chat with Karhmul from Abandoned By Light about what drew us to black metal, the uniqueness and the development of the genre through the years, one man black metal projects and capturing isolation, DIY home recording, the Until The Light Takes Us Documentary, Fenriz and Darkthrone, the story behind "The Angel Experiment" album, Karhmul's other band Nokturnal Ritual and more.






BresnixCast #27 Old Corpse Road



Black Metal Week continues with an excellent chat with The Dreamer and the Bearer from UK black metal band Old Corpse Road about myth and legend, the social purpose of myth, Celtic and Norse mythology, the dark side of folk music, Cradle of Filth, the diversity within black metal, what makes music 'heavy' and much more.





BresnixCast #26 Hryre



Black Metal Week continues on the show as Vlad has quite a philosophical and entertaining conversation with Rick Millington from Hryre about the "From Mortality To Infinity" album, history, the effect of environment on music, Paganism and Christianity, Aleister Crowley, the occult, nature, Christian Metz’s Genre characteristics theory and we explore the spectrum of musical talent and talk about self taught vs. classically taught musicians as well as so much more.





BresnixCast #25 Anshelm



As Black Metal Week continues Vlad talks to Pyralis Titus from US black metal band Anshelm about black metal purists, the Californian black metal scene, Norway in the 90's, the concept of Satan,
the Until The Light Takes Us documentary, the Taake controversy, provocation in metal music, home DIY recording, raw production & the rising popularity of black metal in the US.







BresnixCast #24 The Infernal Sea






Black Metal Week continues on the show as Vlad explores the darker side of humanity with Dean from English black metal band The Infernal Sea. We chat about the Agents of Satan EP and the stories behind the songs, The Great Mortality album & the influence of the Black Death on the record.

We then move on to explore human brutality throughout history, cults & their leaders (especially Charles Manson & Jim Jones,)how the internet is a blessing and a curse, transhumanism, the dark side of pop music and so much more.






BresnixCast #23 Fen



Vlad kicks off Black Metal Week by talking to Frank "The Watcher" from English atmospheric, post black metal band Fen about Frank's journey into black metal, the 90's Norwegian Scene, Satanism in metal, the "Winter" album, the effect of environment of music, the British black metal scene, Cradle of Filth, the modern music industry, where it may be headed in the future and much more.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fen_(band )