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BresnixCast #139 - Steven Tyler & The Teenage Fiancé

BresnixCast #138 - Billy Corgan Vs. Siddhartha

BresnixCast #137 - Memorex Memories Returns



Sean Harte aka Memorex Memories returns to the show for another interesting chat.

Topics include: Trailer park Boys, Vanilla Ice, meeting strange people, psychics, conducting a seance, professional wrestling, trolls, Dante’s Inferno, fanboys, Plato, Hunter S. Thompson, Marcus Aurelius, the worst erotic literature, dealing with negativity, Bukowski, Vlad threatens to fight someone & much more.



Sean's first appearance on the show




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BresnixCast #126 - Listener Questions



Vlad answers some questions from listeners, including:

Are you familiar with Patrick Wolf & would you do an interview with him?

I watched your recent show about Billy Corgan & I think you’re wrong about the new material. It’s refreshing to see a return to good alternative rock without the uncle fester costume. The Smashing Pumpkins is Billy Corgan regardless of who he’s playing with

This isn’t a question as such, but I would love to hear you talk in depth about your history and experience with the occult

If you could curate your own one day dream festival, who would you book to play?

Do you believe in the paranormal?

What are 5 of your favourite conspiracy theories?

Do you listen to Dungeon synth? Would be great to hear a show about it

I heard you say on a show you were suspicious about Kurt Cobain’s death? Do you think Courtney did it?

What’s with all the shitty 80’s music? Go back to covering metal you c%nt

Have you ever heard of Shelagh MacDonald? Could be interesting to do a show about her

What do you think of High Fidelity?




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