Vladimir Bresnix

BresnixCast #41 Crosby Morgan

BresnixCast #40 Brent, Anvil & the Midlife Crisis




  Vlad explores the films David Brent: Life on the Road (2016) and Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008) and looks at the similar themes and unconscious drives that move people to chase fame & fortune all their lives, talent vs. ambition, Spinal Tap parallels, also advancing a conspiracy theory & asks when is it time to quit?







BresnixCast # 39 - Peter Beswick



Vlad talks to Peter Beswick from Cult of Osiris Records about his previous label (Old Lion Records), cassette culture, Satanism, Anton LaVey, tribalism & musical cliques.
We also take a deep dive into black metal the music industry and more.

Intro Song: Uten Håp - "Anima"
Outro Song: Bitter Lake - "Frozen Landscapes"




BresnixCast #38 Kill Your Friends

Album Out Now!


My first album is out now on all your favourite digital formats!  

Described as “Arab Strap doing industrial noise” it's an account of a millennial having an early midlife crisis in a world that is no longer run on common sense, where facts are denied and speech is stifled. Seeking death as a way out our protagonist is horrified when he realizes that death is not the end he hoped for and not only will he be forced to live this life over and over again as different people, but he has been doing that for eternity. He finally understands that he is unable to break the cycle because no matter what he does he cannot let go of himself.

The songs infuse elements of noise, drone, industrial, ambient rock and spoken word to create a dark, fragile sound.

Check out the music page for more info!


BresnixCast #37 Klaus Morlock



Klaus Morlock returns for a 2 hour show for a free flowing discussion that covers many topics including horror movies, particularly the Witch (2015) and A Dark Song (2016). We get into the occult references in the films and what the reality of occultism is (which leads us to Vlad's journey into the occult). We also get into Aldous Huxley, social media and it's lasting effects on people, Kenneth Anger, Klaus' invitation to Bohemian Grove, the satanic panic and we finish off by having some fun with conspiracy theories and pretty much destroy the flat earth theory.
This was a great show and definitely not one to miss!




BresnixCast #36 Bodies On Everest



Vlad talks to Sean and Stephen from Bass/Drum/Bass noise rock trio Bodies on Everest about having no guitars, the "National Day of
Mourning" album, Royal Blood, Greenboots & actual Everest disasters, the Royal Bastard Power Swimming Orchestra, Dungeon Wave, subgenre trolling, Witch House, the Housemartin's dark secrets, the dark side of nostalgia & more.





BresnixCast #35 Dave Schoepke




Vlad chats to Dave Schoepke, percussionist and curator of Blank Radio about improvised music, musical experimentation in real life, community, the Birthday Music album, the dark side of jazz, The Violent Femmes, The Reindeer Section and the big question "Why record at all?"







BresnixCast #34 James Burnette




In a fun episode Vlad talks to James Sicone Burnette from SurvivalPunk.com about James' common sense approach to survivalism, Flogging Molly, conspiracy theory, Rancid, punk music in general, Marilyn Manson, the state of modern mainstream film, TV, culture and so much more.





BresnixCast #33 Burn The Place You Hide - St Thomas & What He Showed Me