Vladimir Bresnix


by Vladimir Bresnix

Released 2018
Bresnix Recordings
Released 2018
Bresnix Recordings
Described as "like Arab Strap doing industrial noise" the album is an account of a millennial having an early midlife crisis & his horror at where it leads him.
Full story here: https://vladimirbresnix.bandcamp.com/album/bresnix
Synthesizers, guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, vocals and programming by Vladimir Bresnix

Written, recorded & produced by Vladimir Bresnix.

Jamie Jamieson - Triangle

Vocals on "Daisy Glaze" by Amy Gilbrook

"Daisy Glaze" Lyrics by Caity Lougheed & Amy Gilbrook

Art Direction - Caity Lougheed

Mastered by Dark Creations