Vladimir Bresnix

BresnixCast #143 - Is Billie Eilish Working For Satan?

BresnixCast #142 - Epstein Explained

BresnixCast #141 - Will Boris Legalise The Weed?

BresnixCast #140 - Drearia

BresnixCast #139 - Steven Tyler & The Teenage Fiancé

BresnixCast #138 - Billy Corgan Vs. Siddhartha

BresnixCast #137 - Memorex Memories Returns



Sean Harte aka Memorex Memories returns to the show for another interesting chat.

Topics include: Trailer park Boys, Vanilla Ice, meeting strange people, psychics, conducting a seance, professional wrestling, trolls, Dante’s Inferno, fanboys, Plato, Hunter S. Thompson, Marcus Aurelius, the worst erotic literature, dealing with negativity, Bukowski, Vlad threatens to fight someone & much more.




Sean's first appearance on the show




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BresnixCast #136 - Echoes Of The Moon

BresnixCast #135 - Tomaga

BresnixCast #134 - The Vorstand Circus

BresnixCast #133 - The Running Man

BresnixCast #132 - Tom Hummer

BresnixCast #131 - Anton LaVey Demystified

BresnixCast #130 - Andrew Liles

BresnixCast #129 - Glitch Black

BresnixCast #128 - The Dictator Is In Your Head

BresnixCast #127 - Hotel Pools

BresnixCast #126 - Listener Questions


Vlad answers some questions from listeners, including:


Are you familiar with Patrick Wolf & would you do an interview with him?


I watched your recent show about Billy Corgan & I think you’re wrong about the new material. It’s refreshing to see a return to good alternative rock without the uncle fester costume. The Smashing Pumpkins is Billy Corgan regardless of who he’s playing with


This isn’t a question as such, but I would love to hear you talk in depth about your history and experience with the occult


If you could curate your own one day dream festival, who would you book to play?


Do you believe in the paranormal?


What are 5 of your favourite conspiracy theories?


Do you listen to Dungeon synth? Would be great to hear a show about it


I heard you say on a show you were suspicious about Kurt Cobain’s death? Do you think Courtney did it?


What’s with all the shitty 80’s music? Go back to covering metal you c%nt


Have you ever heard of Shelagh MacDonald? Could be interesting to do a show about her


What do you think of High Fidelity?





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BresnixCast #125 - GLOOMCVLT

BresnixCast #124 - Dee Snider Vs. The Senate

BresnixCast #123 - Zappa Vs. The Senate

BresnixCast #122 - WHITE RING

BresnixCast #121 - How Billy Corgan Disappoints Us All

BresnixCast #120 - Edge Of The Universe

BresnixCast #119 - Clara Engel

BresnixCast #118 - Memorex Memories

BresnixCast #117 - The Dark Side Of Woodstock

BresnixCast #116 - Lamitina

BresnixCast #114 - US Golf 95

BresnixCast #113 - Peter Steele & Type O Negative

BresnixCast #112 - Nature G

BresnixCast #111 - Thoughts On Lords of Chaos

BresnixCast #110 - The Genius of Scott Walker



Vlad looks at the life & music of the influential Scott Walker




Bresnixcast #109 - The Her's Tragedy




In a short show Vlad looks at the sad tragedy involving UK based band Her's  




BresnixCast #108 - The Real Dirt On Mötley Crüe

BresnixCast #107 - Keith Rankin

BresnixCast #106 - Celebrity Stalkers & Obsessives Part 1

BresnixCast #105 - Evangelist

BresnixCast #104 - The Meaning of GG Allin





Vlad takes a look at the life of possibly the most extreme rock star of all time - GG Allin






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BresnixCast #103 - Michael Oakley

BresnixCast #102 - The Downward Spiral of Johnny Thunders


Vlad takes a look at the life of troubled punk icon Johnny Thunders





BresnixCast #101 - Remembering Keith Flint


 In a short special show Vlad reflects on the life & musical legacy of Keith Flint 




BresnixCast #100 - Is Ryan Adams A Sex Pest?

BresnixCast #99 - Wolftron




 Vlad is joined by dark synth, futuristic, cyborg artist Wolftron to talk about synthwave, the new album Alphamatic Transmission: Vol. 2 - Deliverance, retro gaming, cultural cycles, the upcoming tour & much more





BresnixCast #98 - Order Of The Wolf





Vlad is joined once again by Tommy who is behind black metal project Order Of The Wolf & electronic project Signals From Space to talk about home recording, hair metal, conspiracy theories, Guns N' Roses, transhumanism, social media, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis, black metal & much more





BresnixCast #97 - Patrick McCarthy


Vlad is joined by Patrick McCarthy who is behind ambient project Definitely Miami to talk about the new album, transmission art, radio, the KLF, Miami Vice, 808 State & much more





BresnixCast #96 - Tactus



Vlad is joined by Adrian Barnes from Canadian progressive metal band Tactus for an interesting & wide ranging conversation about prog rock & it’s influence on music, the modern music industry, being classically trained vs. self-taught, some controversial Metallica opinions and much more






BresnixCast #95- Roger LeBlanc




Vlad is joined by Roger LeBlanc who is behind dark alternative country rock project Mr Broody Brood for a deep & entertaining conversation about music & the nature of creativity. We get into the dark side of folk/country, Morrissey, metal, grunge, The Deftones, nostalgia, synthwave, music as catharsis & much more


BresnixCast #94 - Tom McGuire



Vlad is joined by Tom McGuire from Glasgow funk/soul band Tom McGuire & The Brassholes to talk about everything from the new album to busking to Friedrich Nietzsche





BresnixCast #93 - What The Fyre Festival Could Have Learned From Waynes World


Vlad takes a look at the total disaster that was the Fyre Festival and how a careful viewing of Waynes World 2 could have led to a very different outcome