BresnixCast #130 - Andrew Liles

Vlad talks to prolific experimental musician & sometime member of Current 93 & Nurse With Wound Andrew Liles about his musical origins, the death of the rock star, the Colossus albums, Jimi Hendrix, the modern music industry, the new Nodding…


BresnixCast #126 - Listener Questions


Vlad answers some questions from listeners, including:

Are you familiar with Patrick Wolf & would you do an interview with him?

I watched your recent show about Billy Corgan & I think you’re wrong about the new material. It’s refreshing…


BresnixCast #125 - GLOOMCVLT


Vlad is joined by a representative of the Chvrch of GLOOMCVLT for a very unique interview to talk about the Chvrch and it's philosophy, the 'Black Disco' music they release, the upcoming album IMPURE MOODS (which we will be playing…